"Opportunities don't come, you create them" ...

It is the slogan of Home Tulum, a Mexican company dedicated 100% to its clients, from the first contact to the signing of the contract. We manage short and long term achievements from Cancun to Tulum.

We manage international clients, thanks to our intercultural business vision. Our team is made up of professionals focused on providing satisfaction to our clients. We analyze their needs to give them the best notice and guide them through the process of buying properties for housing or investment.

We realized, 5 years ago, that the real estate market in the Riviera Maya is a financial paradise to invest and was about to grow; thanks to several points:

- a pleasant climate with an exceptional geographical location,

- An increase in repetitive tourism: Playa Del Carmen and Tulum are number 1 in honeymoon destinations. It is the favorite destination for retired citizens of the USA and Canada,

- The growth and economic development of the area with excellent economic, legal and fiscal conditions: The Mexican Labor Force, permits and taxes favor the construction business. The requirements are less restrictive than in other countries.

For these reasons we created Home Tulum Real Estate https://www.hometulum.com

Our main objective is to provide our clients with a safe and reliable investment, giving them a good perception of risk and potential profit.

The procedure to associate with us is made up of three steps:

- First, the funds are deposited in a bank trust
- Second, an Impartial third party has instructions to control and protect the investor's funds. If the land is not paid to the investor after two years, the investor keeps the lot.
- Third, the land lot is purchased by a trust. The bank is instructed to use the deposited funds to purchase the land. Therefore, the bank functions as an escrow company since you will be charged for verifying all land documentation and being responsible for a 100% secure transaction.

We believe in the virtuous circle of work.
The success of our client's investment brings us motivation, more experience, more confidence and credibility ... What attracts our new investments. This virtuous circle allows us to work and be successful for 5 years and obtain better results year after year.